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Solar - Solar heat and solar power
(solar thermal energy and photovoltaics)

Used well, about 1 % of the area of the Sahara desert would suffice to cover the world's entire energy demand. A few square metres of roof surface can cover the primary energy demand of a four-person household entirely. For this reason, Linuo has been researching, developing and producing systems for using solar energy for more than 20 years. We are therefore one of the true pioneers in production of solar heat and solar power. We and our cooperation partners are some of the largest manufacturers in the world among the Solar Thermals. For Solar Photovoltaics, we are the oldest manufacturer of PV modules and one of the three first TÜV-certified ones with production sites in China. The contents of this page reflect our diverse range of highly efficient solutions for both areas: Solar thermal energy and photovoltaics.


Linuo Solar Thermal is one of the highest-performing suppliers of vacuum tubes for solar-thermal applications - glass tube products for the production of solar collectors. Linuo has maintained the joint venture Linuo-Paradigma with German Ritter group since 2001. It is one of the five largest manufacturers of complete systems on the solar market in China. Together with our strong partner, we guarantee for German technology and quality standards. 

Linuo Photovoltaics specialises in high-quality and high-performance solar modules. We produce photovoltaic modules of different performance classes and also offer the entire system technology from cables to inverters to rack technology for your projects. Our solar modules are available in different designs for many different applications: single-family homes, agricultural operations, industrial roofs or field facilities. We ensure your success with state-of-the-art technologies and our outstanding quality and performance levels.

"Engineering, Procurement and Construction" for solar plants, in short: Solar-EPC or PV-EPC, designates a form of project processing that has proven its worth in international solar facility construction and the associated contract design. With many years of experience, Linuo as a contractor in the solar project business will take the position of turn-key supplier or general contractor for you (both for solar thermal energy and, of course, for photovoltaics). As an EPC supplier, we guarantee for timely turn-key execution.


We want satisfied customers  

Our customers specify the standards for the quality of our products. We derive our motivations for action from their judgement. Therefore, high quality of our services and products is the first corporate objective for us. This includes professional and timely processing of requests, offers and contracts, as well as compliance with promised deadlines. Quality awareness has been anchored deeply in our company since founding. It has been confirmed and documented from the beginning by independent audit offices (such as the TÜV). Our comprehensive quality management system is certified to all international standards and directives. You can find more about this on our pages on Solar Quality Management.  

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